Interface: ODOT ATMS - ODOT Object Registration and Discovery System

ODOT ATMS to ODOT Object Registration and Discovery System Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

device identification  (Planned )  

An identifier and device type designation that is used to uniquely identify a device in the Connected Vehicle Environment.

object discovery  (Planned )  

Represents the interactive discovery of network communications related information by any end entity, querying the ORDS. Information exchange could be as simple as a Domain Name Service (DNS) query, or it could include service and service metric information.

object registration  (Planned )  

Represents the provision of information related to communications, service and service metric information from a service provider end entity to the ORDS.

permission application  (Planned )  

A request for permission to access a Connected Vehicle service by an end–user that requires enrollment. This may include services granted to drivers of low emissions vehicles or pedestrians with special needs that require extended crossing times for example.

permission application receipt  (Planned )  

An acknowledgment that an end–user application for a Connected Vehicle service was received and processed.