Interface: ODOT Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment - ODOT Lane Control Devices

ODOT Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment to ODOT Lane Control Devices Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

restricted lanes application status  (Planned )  Applicable ITS Standards

Current RSE application status that is monitored by the back office center including the operational state of the RSE, current configuration parameters, and a log of lane use (aggregate profiles of vehicles that checked in to the lane and reported vehicle speeds in the lanes) and RSE communications activity.

vehicle signage local data  (Planned )  Applicable ITS Standards

Information provided by adjacent field equipment to support in–vehicle signing of dynamic information that is currently being displayed to passing drivers. This includes the dynamic information (e.g., current signal states, grade crossing information, local traffic and road conditions, detours, advisories, parking availability, etc.) and control parameters that identify the desired timing, duration, and priority of the signage data.