Interface: COTA Transit Fixed-Route Vehicles - ODOT Object Registration and Discovery System

COTA Transit Fixed-Route Vehicles to ODOT Object Registration and Discovery System Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

object discovery  (Planned )  

Represents the interactive discovery of network communications related information by any end entity, querying the ORDS. Information exchange could be as simple as a Domain Name Service (DNS) query, or it could include service and service metric information.

object registration  (Planned )  

Represents the provision of information related to communications, service and service metric information from a service provider end entity to the ORDS.

service advertisement  (Planned )  Applicable ITS Standards

An advertisement of available services and identification of how those services may be accessed (e.g., RF parameters, identifiers, etc.). Services include network services such as IPv6 routing, public roadside services such as intersection safety, back office services including situation data services and security credentials, or private services.