COTA Engine Component Monitoring




Another element of COTA's ITS program is the ability to provide enhanced maintenance capabilities to its fleet through engine component monitoring (ECM). ECM, or preventive maintenance software, enables automatic monitoring of transit vehicle engine components and provides warnings to COTA's maintenance personnel if failures are about to occur.

This element will integrate with COTA's existing maintenance software that manages the maintenance records of transit vehicles.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA)OwnsPlanned

Physical Objects

Transit Vehicle OBE

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Transit Vehicle On–Board Maintenance'Transit Vehicle On–Board Maintenance' collects and processes transit vehicle maintenance data on–board the vehicle, including mileage and vehicle operating conditions. This maintenance information is provided to the management center and used to schedule future vehicle maintenance and repair.False
Transit Vehicle Schedule Management'Transit Vehicle Schedule Management' monitors schedule performance and identifies corrective actions when a deviation is detected. It provides two–way communication between the transit vehicle and center, enabling the center to communicate with the vehicle operator and monitor on–board systems.False

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COTA Fixed–Route Transit Management System
COTA Vehicle Maintenance System