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The regional dataport website was developed as a one–stop shop to access regional information developed by MORPC about planning, demographics, land use, economic development, transportation, maps, contact lists, and GIS data in Central Ohio. It is also a portal to other federal, state, and locally developed information sets that may be more appropriate sources to answer users' data needs and can be accessed at:


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Mid–Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC)OwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Archived Data System

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Archive Data Repository'Archive Data Repository' collects data and data catalogs from one or more data sources and stores the data in a focused repository that is suited to a particular set of ITS data users. It includes capabilities for performing quality checks on the incoming data, error notification, and archive to archive coordination. It includes the capability to define a data registry that allows registration of data identifiers or data definitions for interoperable use throughout a region. It supports a broad range of implementations, ranging from simple data marts that collect a focused set of data and serve a particular user community to large–scale data warehouses that collect, integrate, and summarize transportation data from multiple sources and serve a broad array of users within a region. Repositories may be established to support operations planning, performance monitoring and management, and policy and investment decisions.False

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COTA Transit Database
Local Traffic Database
MORPC Traffic Count Database
MORPC Transportation Modeling