Local Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment




Connected vehicle RSU's on local roadways (33 Smart Mobility Corridor).


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Local Traffic Management GroupOwnsPlanned

Physical Objects

Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
RSE Automated Vehicle Operations'RSE Automated Vehicle Operations' includes the field elements that monitor and control access to and egress from automated lanes. It monitors and coordinates automated vehicle operations within the lanes. These lanes support vehicles operating in platoons with short headways.False
RSE CACC Operations'RSE CACC Operations' provides infrastructure support for formation and dissolution of strings of CACC–equipped vehicles and provides operating parameters to the strings of vehicles including string length, recommended speeds, and gaps.False
RSE Environmental Monitoring'RSE Environmental Monitoring' collects environmental situation (probe) data from passing vehicles that are equipped with short range communications capability. The collected data includes current environmental conditions as measured by on–board sensors (e.g., ambient temperature and precipitation measures), current status of vehicle systems that can be used to infer environmental conditions (e.g., status of lights, wipers, ABS, and traction control systems), and emissions measures reported by the vehicle. The functional object collects the provided data, aggregates and filters the data based on provided configuration parameters, and sends the collected information back to a center for processing and distribution. This functional object may also process the collected data locally and issue short–term road weather advisories for the road segment using short range communications.False
RSE Queue Warning'RSE Queue Warning' provides V2I communications to support queue warning systems. It monitors connected vehicles to identify and monitor queues in real–time and provides information to vehicles about upcoming queues, including downstream queues that are reported by the Traffic Management Center.False

Physical Standards

SDODocument #TitleUser Defined
USDOTRSU V4USDOT Roadside Unit (RSU) Specification Document – Version 4False

Interfaces To

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City of Columbus Fire/EMS Emergency Vehicles
City of Columbus Police Vehicles
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County and City Parking Management Systems
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Local 911 Call Centers
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Local Fire/EMS Emergency Vehicles
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Local Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
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Local Police/Sheriffs Vehicles
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