ODOT Event Streaming Platform




The Ohio DOT Event Streaming Platform (ESP) is a Data Distribution System that collects, processes, and distributes ITS data, connecting data producers with data consumers and facilitating data exchange.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)OwnsPlanned

Physical Objects

Data Distribution System

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
DDS Data Access Management'DDS Data Access Management' defines the access mechanisms, structures and restrictions for inbound (from providers) and outbound (to consumers) data.False
DDS Data Collection and Aggregation'DDS Data Collection and Aggregation' collects data 'deposits' from producers including meta data such as the generation location and time. It authenticates and validates the data deposits and logs all associated meta data. Authenticated, valid data is bundled based on information type and location and made available as data products to consumers who are interested in the data. It establishes delivery parameters for data consumers that subscribe based on parameters including content type and geographic region of interest and delivers data to consumers based on these parameters.False
DDS Support Services'DDS Support Services' provides foundational functions that support data collection, management, timing, and data distribution. It coordinates with Support subsystems to maintain necessary registrations with respect to location and scope.False

Interfaces To

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City of Columbus 911 Call Center
City of Columbus Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
City of Columbus Fire/EMS Dispatch
City of Columbus Paving the Way Website
City of Columbus Traffic Management Center
COTA Bus Shelters
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COTA Paratransit Management System
COTA Transit Database
COTA Transit Information Kiosks
COTA Website/IVR
County and City Parking Management Systems
County EMA Emergency Operations Centers (EOC)
CRAA Communications Operations Center
CRAA Electronic Parking Payment System
DATA Transit Dispatch Facility
Franklin County EMA Emergency Operation Center (EOC)
Freight Operations Centers
Freight Rail Operations
Local 911 Call Centers
Local Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
Local Fire/EMS Emergency Dispatch
Local Maintenance and Construction Management
Local Police/Sheriffs Management and Dispatch
Local Traffic Database
Local Traffic Management Centers
MORPC Traffic Count Database
National Weather Service
ODOT 511 Telephone Information Service
ODOT Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
ODOT District Offices
ODOT Rest Area Tourist Information Centers
ODOT Rest Area Truck Parking Availability System
ODOT Traffic Data Archive System
ODOT Traffic Signal Control Systems
ODPS Crash Database
Ohio Emergency Alert System
Ohio Mobility Apps
OSHP State Communication Center
OSHP State Highway Patrol Dispatch
OSU Center of Automotive Research
OSU TPS Dispatch Facility
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PUCO Commercial Vehicle Registration System (CMV)
Traveler Information Devices