CRAA CV Authorizing Center




The 'Authorizing Center' provides the functionality needed to enable data exchange between and among mobile and fixed transportation users. Its primary mission is to enable safety, mobility and environmental communications–based applications for both mobile and non–mobile users. The Authorizing Center has some jurisdiction over limited access resources; typically, this includes roadside application access and radio spectrum licensing. It may be implemented as an autonomous center or as a set of supporting services that are co–located within another center.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA)OwnsPlanned

Physical Objects

Authorizing Center

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Center Permission Management'Center Permission Management' enables Connected Vehicle system users to request permission to access connected vehicle services. A center may request permission for the center or the infrastructure devices and vehicles associated with the center.False
Core Authorization'Core Authorization' manages authorization mechanisms to define permissions for System Users. This enables the Core System to establish operational environments where different System Users may have different capabilities in terms of accessing Core services and interacting with one another. For instance, some Mobile elements may be authorized to request signal priority, or some Centers may be permitted to use the geographic broadcast service, while those without those permissions would not.False

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CRAA Communications Operations Center
ODOT Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System