TMC Roadway Warning Functional Area


'TMC Roadway Warning' remotely monitors and controls the systems used to warn drivers approaching hazards on a roadway. It monitors data on roadway conditions from sensors in the field and generates warnings in response to roadway weather conditions, road surface conditions, traffic conditions including queues, obstacles or animals in the roadway, and any other transient events that can be sensed.

Included In

Local Traffic Management Centers

Functional Requirements

01The center shall monitor data on traffic, environmental conditions, and other hazards collected from sensors along the roadway.
02The center shall identify hazardous road weather and surface conditions.
03The center shall identify hazardous traffic conditions including queues.
04The center shall identify debris, animals, or other encroachment on the roadway dangerous to approaching motorists.
05The center shall issue control commands to field equipment warning drivers approaching the identified hazardous conditions.
06The center shall monitor the operational status of the dynamic warning equipment, including fault reports.
07The center shall have the capability to receive real–time traffic (including location and speed), road conditions (e.g. ice, wet, etc.), and weather data (clear, rainy and snowy) from connected vehicles.
08The center shall generate appropriate queue response strategies that include speed reduction, lane change, or diversion recommendations based on local traffic, weather, and roadway conditions.
09The center shall use collected data to detect the location, duration, and length of queue propagation, as a result of significant downstream speed reductions or stopped traffic.