TMC Basic Surveillance Functional Area


'TMC Basic Surveillance' remotely monitors and controls traffic sensor systems and surveillance (e.g., CCTV) equipment, and collects, processes and stores the collected traffic data. Current traffic information and other real–time transportation information is also collected from other centers. The collected information is provided to traffic operations personnel and made available to other centers.

Included In

City of Columbus Traffic Management Center
OSU TPS Dispatch Facility
CRAA Communications Operations Center
Local Traffic Management Centers
ODOT District Offices

Functional Requirements

01The center shall monitor, analyze, and store traffic sensor data (speed, volume, occupancy) collected from field elements under remote control of the center.
02The center shall monitor, analyze, and distribute traffic images from CCTV systems under remote control of the center.
03The center shall monitor, analyze, and store multimodal crossing, high occupancy vehicle (HOV) and high occupancy toll (HOT) lane sensor data under remote control of the center.
04The center shall distribute road network conditions data (raw or processed) based on collected and analyzed traffic sensor and surveillance data to other centers.
05The center shall respond to control data from center personnel regarding sensor and surveillance data collection, analysis, storage, and distribution.
06The center shall maintain a database of surveillance equipment and sensors and associated data (including the roadway on which they are located, the type of data collected, and the ownership of each).
07The center shall remotely control devices to detect traffic.