RSE Transit User Guidance Functional Area


'RSE Transit User Guidance' uses short range communications to provide terminal or stop–specific guidance to transit user devices that assists users in finding the right stop and the right bus. Optionally, this object can collect the transit user location and planned itinerary so that tailored guidance can be provided.

Included In

City of Columbus Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
ODOT Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
CRAA Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment

Functional Requirements

01The field element shall provide stop–specific bus schedules and routes information to personal traveler devices.
02The field element shall provide stop requests to transit vehicles.
03The field element shall collect information about individual transit users boarding a transit vehicle. This information can be used to track a user's progress on a scheduled transit trip and can contain indication of special needs of the traveler, such as that they are visually impaired.