Parking Management Functional Area


'Parking Management' detects and classifies vehicles at parking facility entrances, exits, and other designated locations within the facility. Current parking availability is monitored and used to inform drivers through dynamic message signs/displays so that vehicles are efficiently routed to available spaces. Parking facility information, including current parking rates and directions to entrances and available exits, is also provided to drivers.

Included In

CRAA Electronic Parking Payment System

Functional Requirements

01The parking element shall maintain static parking lot information including hours of operation, rates, location, entrance locations, capacity, type, and constraints.
02The parking element shall maintain dynamic parking lot information including current state of the lot, occupancy, arrival rates, and departure rates.
03The parking element shall determine and maintain the number and availability of parking spaces.
04The parking element shall share information with a traffic management center to identify queues at entrances, exits that should be used, and other information that supports coordinated local traffic control in and around the parking facility.
05The parking element shall manage local dynamic message signs that display messages to travelers such as the parking lot state, number of spaces available, location of entrances, and current charges.
06The parking element shall provide the capability to detect, count, and classify vehicles at entrances, exits, and designated locations within a parking facility.
07The parking element shall provide precise parking egress/ingress location information to Centers.
08The parking element shall provide precise parking space location information to Centers.