TIC Interactive Traveler Information Functional Area


'TIC Interactive Traveler Information' disseminates personalized traveler information including traffic and road conditions, transit information, parking information, maintenance and construction information, multimodal information, event information, and weather information. Tailored information is provided based on the traveler's request in this interactive service.

Included In

COTA Website/IVR
Private Traveler Information Systems

Functional Requirements

01The center shall disseminate customized traffic and highway condition information to travelers, including incident information, detours and road closures, recommended routes, and current speeds on specific routes upon request.
02The center shall disseminate customized maintenance and construction information to travelers, including scheduled maintenance and construction work activities and work zone activities upon request.
03The center shall disseminate customized transit routes and schedules, transit transfer options, transit fares, and real–time schedule adherence information to travelers upon request.
04The center shall disseminate customized parking information to travelers, including location, availability, and fees upon request.
05The center shall disseminate customized toll fee information to travelers upon request.
06The center shall disseminate customized weather information to travelers upon request.
07The center shall disseminate customized multimodal transportation service information (for example, from ferry and airline operators), including transfer points and other information, to travelers upon request.
08The center shall disseminate customized event information to travelers upon request.
09The center shall disseminate customized air quality information to travelers upon request.
10The center shall provide all traveler information based on the traveler's current location or a specific location identified by the traveler, and filter or customize the provided information accordingly.
11The center shall accept traveler profiles for determining the type of personalized data to send to the traveler.
12The center shall accept requests for parking space information from travelers.
13The center shall manage payment for services, such as tolls, transit fares, parking lot charges, map updates, and advanced payment for tolls, and provide transaction success or failure details.
14The center shall provide park and ride space information to travelers.
15The center shall provide the capability to exchange information with another traveler information service provider current or predicted data for road links that are outside the area served by the local supplier.
16The center shall provide the capability to support requests from the media for traffic and incident data.
17The center shall provide the capability for a system operator to control the type and update frequency of traveler information.
18The center shall support requests for traveler information and advanced payment for traveler services from commercial fleet operators.
19The center shall disseminate customized freight information to travelers, including truck routes, permit information, truck stops, inspection stations, steep grades, high–profile vehicle advisories. Information provided includes freight–related road and weather conditions, parking information, and route plans.