CV On-Board Electronic Screening Support Functional Area


'CV On–Board Electronic Screening Support' exchanges information with roadside facilities, providing information such as driver, vehicle, and carrier identification to roadside facilities that can be used to support electronic screening. Pass/pull–in messages are received and presented to the commercial vehicle driver and screening events are recorded. Additional information, including trip records (e.g., border clearance information), safety inspection records, cargo information, and driver status information may also be collected, stored, and made available to the roadside facility.

Included In

Freight Truck Vehicles

Functional Requirements

01The commercial vehicle shall receive pass/pull–in messages from the roadside check facilities and present them to the driver in either audible or visual forms.
02The commercial vehicle shall respond to requests to provide data accumulated on–board the vehicle to roadside check facilities for inspection including driver logs, electronic identifiers, credentials, border clearance data, and other screening data such as cargo status, hazmat identifiers, out of service status, vehicle axle weight, vehicle weight, and time.
03The commercial vehicle shall respond to requests to provide the identity, status and other information from the electronic cargo lock tag, if so equipped, to roadside check facilities, including border crossings.
04The commercial vehicle shall support an interface to a commercial vehicle driver that is also acting in the role of a commercial vehicle fleet manager to set up routes, pay necessary taxes, obtain proper credentials, and write the identifiers to the electronic tag for the driver, vehicle, and carrier.