Archive Situation Data Archival Functional Area


'Archive Situation Data Archival' collects and archives traffic, roadway, and environmental information for use in off–line planning, research, and analysis. It controls and collects information directly from equipment at the roadside, reflecting the deployment of traffic detectors that are used primarily for traffic monitoring and planning purposes, rather than for traffic management. It also collects situation data from connected vehicles. The data collected, quality checks performed, and aggregation strategies are defined to support transportation system performance monitoring and management.

Included In

COTA Transit Database
ODPS Crash Database
MORPC Traffic Count Database
Local Traffic Management Centers
Local Traffic Database
OSU Traffic Research
OEPA Air Quality Database
MORPC Air Quality Website

Functional Requirements

01The center shall collect data from roadside devices.
02The center shall respond to requests from the administrator interface function to manage field–sourced data collection.
03The center shall provide the capability to adjust the collection of field–sourced data based on the statistical measures.
04The center shall collect vehicle traffic probe data for performance monitoring and analysis.
05The center shall be capable of archiving vehicle traffic probe data.
06The center shall provide the capability to execute methods on the incoming field data such as aggregation and statistical measures before the data is stored in the archive.
07The center shall respond to requests from the administrator interface function to select and manage data stored in the archive.