RSE Traveler Information Communications Functional Area


'RSE Traveler Information Communications' includes field elements that distribute information to vehicles for in–vehicle display. The information may be provided by a center (e.g., variable information on traffic and road conditions in the vicinity of the field equipment) or it may be determined and output locally (e.g., static sign information and signal phase and timing information). This includes the interface to the center or field equipment that controls the information distribution and the short range communications equipment that provides information to passing vehicles.

Included In

City of Columbus Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
ODOT Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
CRAA Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment

Functional Requirements

01The field element shall distribute traveler information including traffic and road conditions or upcoming work zones to passing vehicles using short range communications, under center control.
02The field element shall distribute advisory information, such as evacuation information, wide–area alerts, incident information, work zone intrusion information, recommended speed limit and other special information to passing vehicles using short range communications, under center control.
03The field element shall distribute indicator and fixed sign information, including static sign information (e.g., stop, curve warning, guide signs, service signs, and directional signs) and dynamic information (e.g., current signal states and local conditions warnings identified by local environmental sensors) to equipment on–board vehicles under center control.
04The field element shall return system operational status to the controlling center.
05The field element shall return system fault data to the maintenance center for repair.
06The field element shall distribute the location, duration, and operating parameters for lanes that are reserved.
07Border Management shall notify travelers whether they are allowed to cross the border.
08Border Management shall send a notification to the vehicle whether the vehicle is allowed to cross the border.
09The field element shall provide vehicle current traffic metering status for in–vehicle signing.
10The field element shall provide traveler low emission zone restriction information including zone boundaries and fees.
11The field element shall provide real–time driving advice to connected vehicles so that they can adjust their driving behavior to save fuel and reduce emissions.
12The field element shall provide data about bus lanes to vehicles.
13The field element shall provide data about transit vehicle movement to approaching vehicles