Archive Government Reporting Functional Area


'Archive Government Reporting' selects and formats data residing in an ITS archive to facilitate local, state, and federal government data reporting requirements. It provides transportation system statistics and performance measures in required formats to support investment and policy decisions.

Included In

COTA Transit Database
ODPS Crash Database
MORPC Traffic Count Database
Local Traffic Management Centers
Local Traffic Database
OSU Traffic Research
OEPA Air Quality Database
MORPC Air Quality Website

Functional Requirements

01The center shall provide archive data to federal, state, and local government reporting systems.
02The center shall respond to requests for government report data.
03The center shall provide the capability to format data suitable for input into government reports.
04The center shall provide the applicable meta–data for any ITS archived data to satisfy government reporting system requests. Meta–data may include attributes that describe the source and quality of the data and the conditions surrounding the collection of the data.