Vehicle Environmental Monitoring Functional Area


'Vehicle Environmental Monitoring' collects data from on–board sensors and systems related to environmental conditions and sends the collected data to the infrastructure as the vehicle travels. The collected data is a byproduct of vehicle safety and convenience systems and includes ambient air temperature and precipitation measures and status of the wipers, lights, ABS, and traction control systems.

Included In

Local Maintenance and Construction Vehicles

Functional Requirements

01The vehicle shall collect and process environmental sensor data, including air temperature and rain sensors.
02The vehicle shall monitor the status of vehicle convenience and safety systems (wiper status, headlight status, traction control system status) that can be used to measure environmental conditions and record snapshots of significant events in these systems.
03The vehicle shall transmit environmental probe data to the center along with location and timestamp information.
04The vehicle shall transmit environmental probe data to field equipment located along the roadway using short range communications.