MCM Vehicle Maintenance Management Functional Area


'MCM Vehicle Maintenance Management' monitors vehicle and equipment condition, tracks maintenance history, and schedules routine and corrective maintenance based on vehicle/equipment utilization and availability schedules.

Included In

Local Maintenance and Construction Management
ODOT Maintenance Garages

Functional Requirements

01The center shall collect and analyze vehicle diagnostics information from maintenance and construction vehicles. The information includes engine temperature, mileage, tire wear, brake wear, belt wear, and any warnings or alarms concerning the operational condition of the vehicle and ancillary equipment.
02The center shall exchange information with equipment repair facilities including status and history of repairs concerning maintenance and construction vehicles. This information includes vehicle status and diagnostic information, vehicle utilization, and coordination of when vehicles will be available for preventative and corrective maintenance.
03The center shall schedule preventive and corrective vehicle maintenance with the equipment repair facility based on fleet health reports, maintenance records, vehicle utilization and vehicle availability schedules.