CVCE Weigh-In-Motion Functional Area


'CVCE Weigh–In–Motion' measures and records axle weights and gross vehicle weight without requiring the vehicle to come to a stop. Both permanent and portable installations are supported and may be performed in conjunction with electronic clearance or as a separate application.

Included In

PUCO Commercial Vehicle Information System

Functional Requirements

01The roadside check facility equipment shall detect the presence of commercial vehicles and freight equipment approaching a facility.
02The roadside check facility equipment shall request and input electronic screening data from the commercial vehicle's electronic tag data.
03The roadside check facility equipment shall send a pass/pull–in notification to the commercial vehicle and its driver based on the information received from the vehicle and the measurements taken. The message may be sent to the on–board equipment in the commercial vehicle or transmitted to the driver using equipment such as dynamic message signs, red–green lights, flashing signs, etc.
04The roadside check facility equipment shall differentiate between different types of commercial vehicles, including number of axles, presence of containers, and types of connected freight equipment.
05The roadside check facility equipment shall determine the gross vehicle weight, weight per axle, and the identification of a passing commercial vehicle and its cargo.