TMC Safeguard System Management Functional Area


'TMC Safeguard System Management' remotely monitors and controls safeguard systems for transportation facilities and infrastructure. Safeguard systems include blast shielding, exhaust systems and other automatic or remotely controlled systems intended to mitigate the impact of an incident. When access to a transportation facility is impacted by the activation of a safeguard system, impacted systems and travelers are notified.

Included In

CRAA Communications Operations Center
Local Traffic Management Centers

Functional Requirements

01The center shall remotely control safeguard systems, equipment used to mitigate the impact of incidents on transportation infrastructure (e.g., blast shields, tunnel exhaust systems, etc.)
02The center shall accept requests for safeguard system activation from other centers and from center personnel to support emergency response.
03The center shall collect safeguard system operational status.
04The center shall collect safeguard system fault data and send to the maintenance center for repair.