Roadway Time Management Functional Area


'Roadway Time Management' provides foundational time keeping functionality that supports an accurate, synchronized time reference in ITS field equipment. It receives accurate time information from an external source and maintains a local time reference using an internal clock in between time synchronizations.

Included In

ODOT Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)
ODOT Traffic Signals
City of Columbus Traffic Signals
City of Columbus CCTV
Local Portable Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)
ODOT Variable Speed Limit Signs
ODOT Speed Monitoring Roadside Equipment
ODOT Automated Gate Closure Systems
ODOT Lane Control Devices

Functional Requirements

01The field element shall acquire time sync data from an external Stratum–2 time source.
02The field element shall obtain time sync data from the System Monitor.
03The field element shall obtain time and position data from its local location and time data source.