RSE Data Subscription Management Functional Area


'RSE Data Subscription Management' manages data subscriptions for an RSE. It provides access to a catalog of available data, manages the necessary identification information and rules that govern the data subscriptions, supports communications with data providers to collect data per the subscription rules, and makes the data available to other RSE applications. It supports different mechanisms for collecting data including one–time query–response as well as publish–subscribe services.

Included In

CRAA Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment

Functional Requirements

01The field element shall be capable of providing a data subscription service to end user devices.
02The field element shall support the ability for end user devices to sign up for a data subscription service.
03The field element shall be capable of sending subscription data to the end user device based upon a set of rules governing the data subscription service.
04The field element shall be capable of accepting a query for subscription data from end user devices and forwarding that query to the center responsible for the data subscription service.