Loading Zone Management Functional Area


'Loading Zone Management' manages loading zones. It monitors loading zone space occupancy and makes this information available to arriving vehicles and other applications. It monitors the time each vehicle spends in the loading zone and provides this information to drivers in the zone and other applications. Day and time specific management is supported for loading zones that revert to normal vehicle parking spaces in off hours and other day/time specific management strategies. In advanced implementations, reservations are accepted so that a loading zone spot can be reserved with an optional accompanying payment. Vehicles associated with the reservation are identified on arrival and directed to the reserved spot.

Included In

County and City Parking Management Systems

Functional Requirements

01The parking element shall monitor the current status of each loading/unloading zone space under its control.
02The parking element shall support requests for reservations of loading/unloading zone space under its control.
03The parking element shall provide real–time status of loading/ unloading zone spaces to drivers or fleet operations.
04The parking element shall inform the customer of future times available to reserve a loading/unloading zone space.
05The parking element shall accept reservations for loading/unloading zone space at a specific future time.
06The parking element shall accept payment for a reservation for a loading/unloading zone space at a specific future time.