MCV Work Zone Support Functional Area


'MCV Work Zone Support' provides communications and support for local management of a work zone. It supports communications between field personnel and the managing center to keep the center appraised of current work zone status. It controls vehicle–mounted driver information systems (e.g., dynamic message signs) and uses short range communications to monitor and control other fixed or portable driver information systems in the work zone.

Included In

Local Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
ODOT Maintenance and Construction Vehicles

Functional Requirements

01The maintenance and construction vehicle shall monitor, operate, and control work zone devices located at or alongside the roadway. The devices operated on board the vehicle include driver information devices (e.g. dynamic message signs) and work zone intrusion detection and alert devices.
02The maintenance and construction vehicle shall provide an interface for field personnel to input status of their work zone activities.
03The maintenance and construction vehicle shall collect inputs from field personnel and from work zone devices on–board the maintenance and construction vehicle and send them to the controlling center.
04The maintenance and construction vehicle shall provide work zone information, including lane closures and reduced speed to oncoming traffic via direct warning signals or in–vehicle signage functions.