MCM Work Zone Management Functional Area


'MCM Work Zone Management' remotely monitors and supports work zone activities, controlling traffic through dynamic message signs (DMS), Highway Advisory Radio (HAR), gates and barriers, and informing other groups of activity (e.g., traveler information, traffic management, other maintenance and construction centers) for better coordination management. Work zone speeds, and delays, and closures are provided to the motorist prior to the work zones. This application provides control of field equipment in all maintenance areas, including fixed and portable field equipment supporting both stationary and mobile work zones.

Included In

Local Maintenance and Construction Management
ODOT District Offices
ODOT Maintenance Garages

Functional Requirements

01The center shall generate new work zone activity schedules for use by maintenance and construction vehicles, maintenance and construction operators, and for information coordination purposes.
02The center shall control the collection of work zone status information including video images from cameras located in or near the work zone.
03The center shall disseminate work zone information to other agencies and centers including traffic, transit, emergency management centers, other maintenance centers, traveler information centers, and the media.
04The center shall control traffic in work zones by providing remote control of dynamic message signs, highway advisory radio systems, gates, and barriers located in or near the work zone.
05The center shall exchange information with administrative systems to support the planning and scheduling of work zone activities. This information includes: equipment and consumables resupply purchase request status, personnel qualifications including training and special certifications, environmental regulations and rules that may impact maintenance activities, and requests and project requirements from contract administration.
06The center shall collect real–time information on the state of the road network including current traffic and road conditions to support work zone scheduling and management.