City of Columbus Department of Public Service


The Columbus Department of Public Service provides a variety of basic services to residents of the City of Columbus, including trash collection, parking management and enforcement, snow removal, and pothole patching. The Department also maintains roadways, supervises design of street improvements and street resurfacing, oversees construction of wheelchair ramps, guides installation of sidewalks near elementary schools in Columbus, and inspects public and private construction projects.

Installation of street signs and signals, selection of traffic–calming measures, and implementation of other traffic engineering projects also fall to the Service Department. Through Paving the Way, the Public Service Department provides central Ohio road construction information, including information on detours around major projects.

The Public Service Department operates the Traffic Management Center for traffic signal operations and hosts ODOT's Columbus Metropolitan Freeway Management System. The Department also manages on–street parking through parking meters and enforcement of parking regulations.

Included In Groups

Columbus Traffic Management Group
Local Maintenance and Construction Providers
Regional Emergency Agencies
Public Agencies