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MORPC Receives Platinum Certification through Sustainable2050

February 18, 2020

Having completed many activities to become a more sustainable organization, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) has now been certified as having Sustainable2050 Platinum status – the highest designation through the program.

Sustainable2050 supports MORPC members and their sustainability efforts through technical assistance, collaboration, and recognition.

“Through Sustainable2050, we are not only recognizing their commitment to sustainability, but ultimately assisting them, through access to resources, to do even more.”
MORPC Planning & Sustainability Director Kerstin Carr

MORPC has facilitated the program since its inception. But now the agency is official – having completed action steps to help progress toward the goals of the Regional Sustainability Agenda.

MORPC is involved in a wide range of initiatives with a core focus on sustainability.  A dedicated sustainability team made up of staff members from across all departments support both MORPC’s internal and regional initiatives, including its Sustainable2050 efforts.

“MORPC’s commitment to sustainability is evident throughout our programming, and we are in a position to lead by example and influence sustainable practices across the region.”
MORPC Sustainability Officer Brandi Whetstone

MORPC completed 50 eligible activities across five categories, achieving the Platinum designation. Highlights from MORPC include:

  • Reducing the percentage of commuters driving alone and increasing the percentage of commuters riding transit, bicycling or walking through its employee commuter benefits
  • Increasing the number of alternative fuel vehicles and fueling infrastructure by installing EV charging and purchasing electric vehicles
  • Helping to reduce the amount of municipal solid waste per capita disposed in landfills through a grant with the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) to provide home and office food waste composting services
  • Guiding Central Ohio communities toward more sustainable neighborhoods through initiatives such as insight2050, transportation safety, mobility and residential services

Sustainable2050 members are certified by MORPC’s Sustainability Advisory Committee and recognized by the commission’s board representatives. More than 30 local communities committed to work toward more sustainable practices through the initiative, meaning additional communities will be certified in the near future.

Additional information about Sustainable2050 is available at

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