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Smart Region Task Force to Prepare for Emerging Technologies

February 23, 2018

Central Ohio communities are furthering their efforts to become a “smart region” by joining together in preparation for smart infrastructure investments.

Members of MORPC’s new Smart Region Task Force recently gathered for their first meeting.

Smart Region Task Force members attend their February 21, 2018 meeting.

The idea of the task force came last year as more smart mobility efforts unfolded and it became even clearer that technological advancements will dramatically disrupt the status quo of current planning and funding efforts for local governments.

“Technology in transportation and community infrastructure is changing so rapidly that we wanted to get people together and ask what Central Ohio needs to do to prepare for our future in communities of all sizes and as a smart and forward-looking region.”
MORPC Executive Director William Murdock

Although the task force is not a standing committee at MORPC, the local officials and other innovation thought leaders that are part of it will regularly meet over a two-year period to discuss the potential benefits and unintended consequences of smart infrastructure.

The task force is being led by Dublin City Manager Dana McDaniel, who also has a lead role with the Northwest 33 Innovation Corridor. That corridor is a 35-mile stretch of U.S. Route 33 between Dublin, Marysville and East Liberty that is equipped with high-capacity fiber optic cable to instantaneously link researchers and traffic monitors with data from embedded and wireless sensors along the roadway.

“Dublin and other communities need to be equipped with the resources, knowledge, and skills to take advantage of smart city concepts as we plan for and invest in these technologies. The Smart Region Task Force is a great way to get everyone on the same page and ensure that no community in Central Ohio is left behind.”
Smart Region Task Force Chair Dana McDaniel

The task force will continue to work on regional policies and guidelines that will lead to more smart mobility opportunities over the coming years.

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