Nearly $30 Million Awarded to 14 Franklin County Communities

    March 19, 2020
    20 projects receive Ohio Public Works Commission funding

    The Ohio Public Works Commission’s (OPWC’s) Public Works Integrating Committee (PWIC) has awarded nearly $30 million to 20 projects in District 3/Franklin County through the State Capital Improvements Program (SCIP) and the Local Transportation Improvements Program (LTIP).

    The Ohio Public Works Commission’s SCIP and the LTIP provide financial assistance to local communities for the improvement of their basic infrastructure systems.

    “The Ohio Public Works Commission continues to be an integral component in financing road and bridge projects throughout Franklin County. With this year’s awards, 20 important infrastructure improvements administered by 14 local agencies will receive grants and loans necessary to construct these projects in the coming years.”
    Franklin County Engineer Cornell R. Robertson, OPWC District 3 Integrating Committee Chair

    Eligible projects include improvements to roads, bridges, culverts, water supply systems, wastewater systems, storm water collection systems and solid waste disposal facilities. County, city, village, township and other infrastructure districts located in Franklin County were eligible to apply.

    The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) provides administrative support for District 3 of the Ohio Public Works Commission, including processing and reviewing project grant and loan requests from local governments. After evaluating and scoring the projects, final project approval is provided by the Ohio Public Works Commission.

    “Each year, it’s encouraging to see how many local governments are taking advantage of these funding opportunities. With needs that far outweigh the available financial resources, we’re pleased to assist these communities in getting their projects funded.”
    MORPC Infrastructure Development Manager Nathaniel Vogt

    The projects that were awarded funds are:

    Bexley South Drexel Ave & Grandon Ave Comprehensive Improvements $5,158,807 $4,895,707 SCIP
    Canal Winchester Gender Road lmprovements Phase 5 $1,199,960 $1,000,000 SCIP
    Columbus Citywide ADA Curb Ramps $1,306,113 $999,643 SCIP
    Columbus Hudson St Reconstruction – I-71 to Cleveland Ave $19,434,978 $2,000,000 SCIP
    Columbus James Rd at Livingston Ave Intersection Improvements $2,610,257 $261,025 SCIP
    Columbus Neil Avenue Traffic Signal Installation $3,058,038 $1,000,000 SCIP
    Columbus School Zone Flashing Beacons – Citywide Upgrades $733,892 $477,651 SCIP
    Franklin Co. Engineer Agler Road Bridge over Alum Creek $5,517,868 $931,708 SCIP
    Franklin Co. Engineer Saltzgaber Road, Swisher Road & Toy Road Improvements $2,350,397 $702,602 LTIP
    Grandview Heights Yard St, Bobcat Ave & Swan St Road/Utility Extensions $11,464,249 $6,179,230 SCIP
    Grove City Home Road Improvements $2,183,456 $390,960 SCIP
    Groveport S. Hamilton Rd/Higgins Blvd/Directors Blvd Intersection lmprovements Phase 2 $861,000 $472,689 LTIP
    Groveport West Bixby Road Reconstruction Phase 2 $1,851,124 $1,851,124 SCIP
    Hilliard Scioto Darby Road / Walcutt Road Improvements $3,410,000 $1,000,000 LTIP
    Jackson Twp. Hiner Road Resurfacing $340,700 $200,700 LTIP
    Madison Twp. Chipman Drive and Rager Road Improvements $458,574 $364,574 LTIP
    Minerva Park Sanitary Sewer Collection System Improvements Phase 3 $300,300 $300,300 SCIP
    New Albany Market Street Extension $7,505,000 $532,168 LTIP
    Reynoldsburg East Main Street Roadway Improvements $3,083,974 $1,999,999 SCIP
    Whitehall Poth Road Improvements $3,997,033 $3,957,033 LTIP
    TOTAL $76,825,720 $29,517,113


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