Intelligent transportation systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) refers to an assortment of technologies, systems, and transportation management concepts.

ITS plays a key role in a safe, efficient, and innovative transportation system that works for all travelers. Examples of ITS technologies include coordinated signal systems, dynamic message signs, portable changeable message signs, ramp meter signals on the freeway, CCTV traffic cameras that monitor traffic flow and incidents, and transit related systems such as the Automated Vehicle Locators (AVL), which helps determine the real-time location of a vehicle.

The importance for collaboration, communication, and system integration cannot be stressed enough, especially when it comes to reducing congestion, increasing traffic flow, enhancing safety, and improving air quality. It is imperative to create one transportation system that works across jurisdictions and agencies and utilizes limited resources most efficiently.

Traveler Information

To convey information to the public, the following traveler information systems are available:

Central Ohio Regional ITS Architecture Updates

We have updated the regional ITS architecture three times since the agency completed the first regional ITS-type documentation for Central Ohio in 1999 titled, “ITS Integration Strategy for Central Ohio.” In April 2004, we developed a formal regional ITS architecture that focused on integration strategies for Central Ohio in compliance with the FHWA’s requirements. The regional ITS architecture guidance document – Developing, Using, and Maintaining an ITS Architecture for Your Region – was used as a tool in establishing a process and ensuring that federal requirements were met. In 2015, a minor update to the regional architecture was completed.  This regional ITS architecture update was developed through a cooperative effort by the region’s transportation agencies, covering all surface transportation modes in the region.  The website information is based on the most recent stakeholders’ inputs through stakeholder interviews and feedback.  MORPC utilized Turbo Architecture v7.0 to generate more detailed listings of system inventory and system interconnections for the Central Ohio region.

Please look through the different web pages to find out about current and past projects related to ITS in the Central Ohio region.

2015 ITS Architecture Updates

For more information contact Hwashik Jang at 614.233.4145.

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