Transportation Safety

Every year around 100 individuals lose their lives in crashes on Central Ohio’s roadways, and another 800 people suffer serious life changing injuries. In partnership with many of our state and local partners we are actively working to address the safety concerns on our roadways to save lives and improve the overall quality life for all Central Ohio residents and visitors.
Central Ohio Transportation Safety Plan

The Central Ohio Transportation Safety Plan  is a comprehensive safety plan for the Central Ohio region that identifies the most significant causes of serious injuries and fatalities on the local roadway system. The plan establishes a series of goals and benchmarks for safety improvements, identifies existing trends and critical safety priorities, and sets up a framework for how collaboration can improve safety throughout the region. This plan was developed by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) in collaboration with local, state, and private sector organizations with a wide array of expertise on transportation safety in Central Ohio.

Local Safety Initiative

The Local Safety Initiative is a state-funded program that allows us to provide direct technical assistance to local agencies on transportation safety planning and project development. This includes facilitating road safety audits, funding safety studies, and implementing systematic safety improvements – all in an effort to reduce crashes on our local roads.

Local Safety Initiative

Regional Crash Data

We strive to provide timely data and information that helps to better understand local and regional safety issues and inform decisions about transportation investments. The tools & resources section contains a number of analysis products that highlight who, what, where, when and why as it relates to regional crash trends.

Tools & Resources

High-Crash Locations

Every year we identify high-crash locations within the metropolitan planning area using crash data from the most recent three years. We produce a Top 100 Regional High-Crash Location list, a list of Top 5 High-Crash Intersections by Jurisdiction, as well as a list of Top Pedestrian and Bicycle High-Crash Clusters.

Local Crash Fact Sheets

Our local crash fact sheets provide a snapshot of the transportation safety issues within each city of our metropolitan transportation planning area. They include various crash statistics, along with information related to the top crash locations by jurisdiction. We produce the fact sheets annually using crash data from the most recent five years.

State of Safety Reports

Our State of Safety reports provide a comprehensive picture of the transportation safety issues facing the Central Ohio region. They include in-depth analyses of various crash types and contributing factors, as well as provide insight into opportunities for reducing serious injuries and fatalities. We produce the reports annually using crash data from the most recent five years.

Toward Zero Deaths
ODOT Highway Safety
Ohio Highway Safety
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