RWIS stands for Roadway Weather Information System. ODOT owns 158 weather stations, which provide coverage in all 88 of Ohio’s counties. A central service located in Columbus processes the information from each station. ODOT garages use the information collected by the stations to plan their road treatment activities, especially during snow and ice conditions. ODOT also makes road conditions available to the public via a Web server (www.buckeyetrafffic.org). 

The weather stations and sensors are located along interstates, U.S. routes, and state routes. The system comprises 88 wireless weather stations and more than 160 pavement sensors. Two types of weather stations are installed: those located along highways, and those located at county ODOT offices. The stations reported a variety of information, including:  
Air temperature; Precipitation rate/type; Surface temperature; Sub-surface temperature; Wet/dry surface; Dewpoint  
Relative humidity; Wind direction and speed; Traffic speeds and counts; Visibility. Data communications between the weather station and the central server at ODOT are conducted via cellular service in 5-minute intervals.


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