Inventory by Stakeholder

Each stakeholder is associated with one or more systems or "elements" that make up the regional transportation system. This table sorts the inventory by stakeholder, so each stakeholder can easily identify and review the information for all elements that they own and operate.

(No Stakeholder)
Archived Data UsersArchived Data User Systems
Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA)COTA Bus Shelters
COTA Engine Component Monitoring
COTA Fixed-Route Fare System
COTA Fixed-Route Transit Management System
COTA Paratransit Management System
COTA Paratransit Vehicles
COTA Park and Ride Facility
COTA Ticket Vending Machines
COTA Transit Database
COTA Transit Fixed-Route Vehicles
COTA Traveler Transit Facility
COTA Vehicle Maintenance System
COTA Website/IVR
City of Columbus Department of Public ServiceCity of Columbus 311 Call Center
City of Columbus CCTV
City of Columbus Paving the Way Website
City of Columbus TERT
City of Columbus Traffic Detectors
City of Columbus Traffic Signals
City of Columbus Warrior Watch
City of Columbus Fire DepartmentCity of Columbus Fire/EMS Dispatch
City of Columbus Fire/EMS Emergency Vehicles
City of Columbus Police DepartmentCity of Columbus 911 Call Center
City of Columbus Police Vehicles
Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA)CRAA Communications Operations Center
CRAA Dispatch Facility
CRAA Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)
CRAA Electronic Parking Payment System
CRAA Freight Operations Center
CRAA Highway Advisory Radio (HAR)
CRAA Shuttle Buses
CRAA Traffic Signal
Columbus Traffic Management GroupCity of Columbus Traffic Management Center
County AuditorsCounty Base Map
County EMAsCounty EMA Emergency Operations Centers (EOC)
County-wide Warning Siren Systems
Delaware Area Transit Agency (DATA)DATA On Demand Transit Vehicles
DATA Transit Dispatch Facility
DATA Transit Fixed-Route Vehicles
DATA Website
Financial InstitutionsFinancial Institutions
Franklin CountyFranklin County COMBAT System
Franklin County RWIS Sensors
Franklin County EMAFranklin County EMA Emergency Operation Center (EOC)
Franklin County EMA TENS
Local Fire DepartmentsLocal Fire/EMS Emergency Dispatch
Local Fire/EMS Emergency Vehicles
Local Maintenance and Construction ProvidersLocal Maintenance and Construction Management
Local Maintenance Garages
Local Storage Facilities
Other Local Maintenance and Construction Management
Local Police DepartmentsLocal Police/Sheriffs Management and Dispatch
Local Police/Sheriffs Vehicles
Local Traffic Management GroupLocal CCTV
Local Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
Local Portable Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)
Local Traffic Database
Local Traffic Detectors
Local Traffic Management Centers
Local Traffic Signals
Local Vehicle Speed Monitors
Other Local Traffic Management Centers
Mid-America Freight CoalitionTruck Parking Information and Management System(TPIMS)
Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC)Central Ohio Multi-Modal Traveler Information System
MORPC Air Quality Website
MORPC Regional Online Dataport
MORPC Traffic Count Database
MORPC Transportation Modeling
National Weather ServiceNational Weather Service
Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS)ODPS Crash Database
Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)Connected Vehicles Roadside Equipment
ODOT Buckeye Traffic Website
ODOT District Offices
ODOT Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)
ODOT Highway Advisory Radio (HAR)
ODOT Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
ODOT Maintenance Garages
ODOT Overheight Vehicle Detectors
ODOT Pavement Sensors
ODOT Ramp Meters
ODOT Statewide Traffic Management Center
ODOT Storage Facilities
ODOT Traffic Data Archive System
ODOT Traffic Detectors
ODOT Traffic Signals
Other ODOT Maintenance Garages
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA)OEPA Air Quality Database
OEPA Air Quality Monitors
Ohio State Highway PatrolOSHP State Communication Center
OSHP State Highway Patrol Dispatch
OSHP State Highway Patrol Vehicles
Private Commercial CarriersCommercial Vehicle Driver
Freight Operations Centers
Freight Planes
Freight Truck Vehicle
Private Rail OperationsFreight Rail Operations
Freight Rail Vehicles
Private Rail Wayside Equipment
Private Transit ProvidersThird Party Service Provider
Private Traveler Information ProvidersPrivate Traveler Information Systems
PublicConnected Vehicles
Traveler Information Device
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO)PUCO Commercial Vehicle Information System
PUCO Commercial Vehicle Registration System (CMV)
Regional Emergency AgenciesLocal 911 Call Centers
Mid-Ohio Regional Incident and Mutual Aid Network
Regional Event PromotersRegional Event Promoters
Regional Hospital OrganizationsLocal Medical Centers
The Ohio State UniversityOSU CABS Buses
OSU TPS Dispatch Facility
OSU TPS Traffic Signals
OSU Traffic Detectors
OSU Traffic Research
OSU Website
TV and Radio StationsMedia Channels