Local Maintenance and Construction Management




This element contains all public works departments/divisions of any municipality in the region that deal with roadway maintenance and construction projects. This element also represents all facilities that dispatch maintenance and construction vehicles that are responsible for managing and maintaining all local and state roadways.


Local Maintenance and Construction Providers


Maintenance and Construction Management

Interfaces To

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City of Columbus 311 Call Center
City of Columbus 911 Call Center
City of Columbus Paving the Way Website
City of Columbus Traffic Management Center
COTA Fixed-Route Transit Management System
COTA Paratransit Management System
County EMA Emergency Operations Centers (EOC)
DATA Transit Dispatch Facility
Franklin County COMBAT System
Franklin County EMA Emergency Operation Center (EOC)
Local 911 Call Centers
Local Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
Local Maintenance Garages
Local Portable Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)
Local Storage Facilities
Local Traffic Detectors
Local Traffic Management Centers
Local Traffic Signals
Local Vehicle Speed Monitors
National Weather Service
ODOT District Offices
ODOT Maintenance Garages
OSHP State Highway Patrol Dispatch
Other Local Maintenance and Construction Management
Private Traveler Information Systems