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The Multimodal Trip Planning Application/Common Payment System (MMTPA/CPS) is an application that will allow travelers to enter trip request parameters and develop multimodal trip itineraries through coordination with mobility providers and provide travelers the ability to pay for these trips by creating a common payment system. IVR functions will be processed via the MMTPA. Travelers at the HUBS will access the MMTPA by using the interactive kiosk or public Wi–Fi and their personal wireless device which will allow those without computers or smart phones to set up multimodal trips and set up traveler accounts


StakeholderRoleRole Status
City of Columbus Department of Public ServiceOwnsPlanned

Physical Objects

Transportation Information Center
Payment Administration Center

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
PAC Data Collection'PAC Data Collection' collects and stores toll, road use, parking, and other payment information that is collected in the course of operations performed by the Payment Administration Center. This data can be used directly by operations personnel or it can be made available to other data users and archives in the region.False
PAC Payment Administration'PAC Payment Administration' provides administration and management of payments associated with electronic toll collection, parking payments, and other e–payments. It provides the back office functions that support enrollment, pricing, payment reconciliation with financial institutions, and violation notification to enforcement agencies. It also supports dynamic pricing to support demand management. Secure communications with the financial infrastructure and distributed payment infrastructure, including toll plazas, support electronic payments and other ancillary requirements such as lost payment device identification and management.False
TIC Dynamic Ridesharing'TIC Dynamic Ridesharing' provides dynamic rideshare matches for eligible travelers, connecting riders and drivers for specific trips based on preferences. This ridesharing/ride matching capability also arranges connections to transit or other multimodal services for portions of a multi–segment trip that includes ridesharing. Reservations and advanced payment are also supported so that each segment of the trip may be confirmed.False
TIC Shared Use'TIC Shared Use' provides shared use services for eligible travelers, connecting with travelers for specific trips or vehicle usage based on preferences. Reservations and advanced payment are also supported so that each segment of the shared use/ trip may be confirmed.False
TIC Travel Services Information and Reservation'TIC Travel Services Information' disseminates information about traveler services such as lodging, restaurants, and service stations. Tailored traveler service information is provided on request that meets the constraints and preferences specified by the traveler. This application also supports reservations and advanced payment for traveler services including parking and loading zone use.False

Physical Standards

SDODocument #TitleUser Defined
NEMANEMA TS 8Cyber and Physical Security for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)False

Interfaces To

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Financial Institutions
Ridesharing Vehicles
Smart Columbus Operating System
Smart Mobility Hub Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Smart Mobility Hub Kiosks
Smart Mobility Hub Real–Time Displays
Traveler Information Devices