Center Permission Management Functional Area


'Center Permission Management' enables Connected Vehicle system users to request permission to access connected vehicle services. A center may request permission for the center or the infrastructure devices and vehicles associated with the center.

Included In

CRAA Communications Operations Center
Local Traffic Management Centers
Local Maintenance and Construction Management
ODOT CV Authorizing Center
County and City CV Authorizing Center
CRAA CV Authorizing Center
ODOT Traffic Signal Control Systems

Functional Requirements

01The Center shall manage the device permission request process on behalf of the devices it manages.
02The Center shall acquire device identification information from ITS Objects it manages.
03The Center shall request permissions for ITS Objects it manages from a center authorized to manage those permissions.
04The Center shall request permissions for itself from a center authorized to manage those permissions.
05The Center shall maintain the status of ITS Object permission requests.
06The Center shall notify the ITS Object of the status of its permission request.
07The Center shall accept permissions requests from ITS Object.