Emergency Environmental Monitoring Functional Area


'Emergency Environmental Monitoring' collects current and forecast road conditions and surface weather information from a variety of sources. The collected environmental information is monitored and presented to the operator and used to more effectively manage incidents.

Included In

City of Columbus Traffic Management Center
City of Columbus 911 Call Center
COTA Fixed–Route Transit Management System
OSHP State Highway Patrol Dispatch
Franklin County EMA Emergency Operation Center (EOC)
Local Fire/EMS Emergency Dispatch
Local Police/Sheriffs Management and Dispatch
Local 911 Call Centers
County EMA Emergency Operations Centers (EOC)
ODOT District Offices

Functional Requirements

01The center shall collect current and forecast road and weather information from weather service providers (such as the National Weather Service and value–added sector specific meteorological services).
02The center shall collect road network conditions data, including advisories, from traffic management and traveler information centers.
03The center shall collect asset restrictions information from roadway maintenance operations.
04The center shall assimilate current and forecast road conditions and surface weather information to support incident management.
05The center shall provide the road and weather warning and advisories to the emergency responders.