Energy issues are at the top of the agenda for local governments and their constituents. Rising energy demand and price, shifts in the traditional mix of energy supplies, and the growing public desire for cleaner, reliable and more efficient energy are having the greatest impact at the regional level.  

MORPC, along with other regional planning organizations, provides a lens through which to discuss these important issues. The regional scale is the perfect fit to tie jobs to employers, create new educational opportunities, promote innovation, and secure clean, reliable energy sources.

In the Central Ohio region, energy is an increasingly important factor for business investment and community decisions in transportation, economic development, emergency preparedness, workforce development, housing and other core services. The region has a higher per capita energy use than the rest of Ohio and United States by 3% and 8%, respectively. Further, very little energy is produced locally, while an estimated 86% of total energy delivered to the region is wasted due to inefficiencies.

MORPC seeks to provide the support and expertise for local governments in the context of statewide and regional investment, policy and programs related to business attraction and development, workforce education and training, transportation, housing, land-use, and many other areas that influence energy choices. Understanding and proactively aligning planning, investment and development priorities with regional energy needs can propel communities to economic success.

Further, MORPC administers residential energy efficiency and air quality awareness programs that provide information and resources for communities, businesses and individuals to take action. For details, please select the options below.