Central Ohio Greenways
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Date May 22, 2019
Time 2:00pm-4:00pm
Location MORPC
Date July 24, 2019
Time 2:00pm-4:00pm
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Date September 25, 2019
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Date November 27, 2019
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Kerstin Carr

Central Ohio Greenways

Central Ohio Greenways (COG) is a trail network of national significance spanning 230+ miles, connecting Central Ohio to other parts of the state and country. These trails are traveled more than 12 million miles annually providing economic, quality of life, and health benefits to the community.

The Central Ohio Greenways Board, a committee of MORPC, was formed in 2015. The Board developed a 5-year strategic plan that included the development of a vision and mission statement.

Vision: A world-class network of trails easily accessible to every Central Ohioan.

Mission: Increase greenways trail mileages and use of trails for recreational and transportation needs.

The board seeks to increase the number of people using the regional trail system through trail network expansions, increased programming, improved branding and marketing, and new partnerships. With Central Ohio expected to be a region of three million people over the next 30+ years – bringing an increased demand for more walkable neighborhoods and transportation options – trails have become a critical element for providing a high quality of life to a diverse population. New trail miles will extend existing trails, fill gaps in trail corridors, connect neighborhoods to job centers, and create a truly interconnected network of trails useful for both transportation and recreation.

Central Ohio Greenways
COG Board Members
  • Tony Collins, Chair
    City of Columbus Recreation & Parks
  • Ted Miller, Vice Chair
    City of Delaware
  • Chad Anderson
    African American Male Wellness Walk Initiative
  • Laura Ball
    City of Westerville
  • Ted Beidler
    Franklin County Engineer’s Office
  • Kacey Brankamp
    Capital Crossroads & Discovery District SID’s
  • Chad Flowers
    City of Marysville
  • Todd Fortune
  • Catherine Girves
    Yay Bikes!
  • William Habig
    Granville Township (Licking County)
  • Adrienne Joly
    City of New Albany
  • Dan Kaderly
    Franklin County Metro Parks
  • Greg Lestini
    Bricker & Eckler
  • Eric Oberg
    Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
  • Andrew Overbeck
    MKSK Consulting
  • Abby Rhodebeck
  • Letty Schamp
    City of Hilliard
  • Tony Slanec
    OHM Advisors
  • Leslie Strader
    Genoa Township
  • Scott Ulrich
    City of Columbus
  • Brad Westall
    City of Columbus

Working Teams

Trail Development

Responsible for developing a Central Ohio Greenways map of existing and future trails, identifying trail gaps in the existing network, and helping with physically connecting the multi-county region through a comprehensive trail network.


Responsible for promoting trail experiences such that the COG network is seen as a tourist attraction, transportation corridor, and recreational asset; “selling” the many benefits of trails to gain additional buy-in from decision-makers; and creating and updating marketing materials, including reaching audiences through social media outlets, brochures, advertisements, website, and promotional items.

Operations & Access

Responsible for encouraging trail use through the development of programmatic initiatives and fostering of new partnerships to ensure success.


Responsible for engaging funders, businesses, healthcare leaders, and elected officials in the advancement of the COG system. This also includes partnering with other transportation, recreation, or health organizations on initiatives related to advancing economic, quality of life, and health benefits to the residents of Central Ohio.

COG Plans & Reports

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