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Central Ohio Greenways

Welcome to the Central Ohio Greenways. Central Ohio Greenways (COG) is connecting the Central Ohio region with over 230 miles of trails for everyone to explore parks, neighborhoods, rivers, and the vibrant, diverse culture of one of the nation’s greatest places to live, work, and play.

Ready to explore Central Ohio Greenways? Use this map to see our existing and future trails

Community Resources

The COG Board was formed in 2015, with a mission to expand the number of trail miles and increase the
use of trails for all people. The COG Board recently developed a regional trail vision to add more than 500
new miles of trails spanning 7 counties to its existing 230 mile network. New trail miles will extend existing
trails, fill gaps in trail corridors, connect neighborhoods to job centers, and create a truly interconnected
network of trails useful for both transportation and recreation. The COG Board’s efforts are focused within
four working groups: Marketing & Communications; Operations & Access; Partnership; and Trail

Several resources are available for communities to use. If you have questions about any of the resources
please email cog@morpc.org.

Trail Town Framework

Trail Prioritization

Clarity Report for Readiness and Feasibility

Outdoor Trail Passport

Central Ohio Greenways Regional Vision Map

Central Ohio Greenways Strategic Action Plan

Central Ohio Greenways Best Practices Report

Central Ohio Greenways Trail Count Report

Central Ohio Greenways Facebook Page

Central Ohio Greenways Instagram Page

Central Ohio Greenways Trail Design Standards

Central Ohio Bike Map

COGO Bike Sharing

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