Insight2050 is a collaborative initiative designed to help communities proactively plan for development and population growth over the next 30+ years that is expected to be dramatically different from the past.

The initiative produced a regional analysis and data-rich report that enables local and regional policy makers, business leaders, developers, and public stakeholders to evaluate the effect of future land use decisions on specific factors that influence our communities’ quality of life. These factors include land consumption, mobility, and the fiscal, environmental, and public health impacts of development and investment choices.

Insight2050 provides guidance, planning resources, and community engagement tools to enable residents and their governments, as well as the real estate and business communities, to evaluate local development opportunities and make informed decisions.

Technical Assistance Program

Our insight2050 Technical Assistance Program (TA Program) provides assistance from MORPC staff to local government members within the boundary of the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) for the planning of transportation and community development efforts related to the findings of insight2050 and goals of our Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

Through the TA Program, MORPC staff will assist member communities with specific planning services related to transportation, air quality, traffic, and other projects that support consideration of transportation in land use planning and/or demonstrate the benefits of various modes of transportation.

The MORPC insight2050 TA Program awards technical assistance services via a competitive application process. For more information about the TA Program and to learn about the 2017 community awardees, please view the TA Program Press Release and TA Program FAQs.

insight2050 Academy

The insight2050 Academy is a multi-day leadership class where participants engage in critical thinking about planning for growth and development; develop effective communication strategies for community involvement; and grow their personal and professional networks by connecting with fellow decision-makers, practitioners, and civic and community leaders. For more information, visit the academy webpage.


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