Consultant Services Program

The Consultant Services Program assists communities with the Request for Proposal (RFP) process through the drafting of RFP documents, prequalifying consultants in the eligible program areas, reviewing initial proposals and facilitating final presentations.

Each year, the Consultant Services Program prequalifies Consultants to submit proposals for – and complete work on – long-range planning projects initiated by communities in Central Ohio. Eligible project types include the completion of – or updates to – comprehensive planning and zoning codes, economic development activities, public engagement, neighborhood or area plans, housing action plans, active transportation plans, and parking plans or assessments. For a complete list of eligible project types and more information about the prequalification process, see the PREQUALIFICATION tab below.

Local governments interested in applying to the Consultant Services Program can find more information and instructions for requesting assistance below under the REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE tab or by contacting with any questions you might have. Alternatively, you can also fill out the Request for Assistance Form to let us know about your project so we can find a way to help out.

NOTE: Assistance through the Consultant Services Program is provided on a rolling basis. There are no specific timelines associated with assistance on the RFP process.

The Consultant Services Program streamlines the RFP process for MORPC member communities through:

  • Prequalifying consultants for long-range planning projects
  • Drafting Requests for Proposals on behalf of the community’s project goals, interests, and budgets
  • Creating a central repository for long-range planning RFPs
  • Conducting initial reviews of Proposal Submissions, and
  • Facilitating final presentations of proposals and assisting with the final consultant selection.

General details regarding the timelines and workflow of the Consultant Services Program are outlined below.  For details specific to the prequalification or assistance process, please refer to the associated dropdown links.



Links to current RFPs are located below. Current RFPs are only active during the Proposal Submission windows identified in the RFP.

All questions related a posted RFP should be directed to Questions will only be received in writing via email, and responses will be posted to the links below.

The Consultant Services Program assists communities with the RFP process – including formatting and publishing the RFPs, evaluating initial proposals, and facilitating presentations and scoping. A program fee of $1,000 will be assessed for each project.

 Benefits of the Consultant Services Program for communities include:

  • Free-up staff time by performing the front-end tasks of creating, formatting, and posting RFPs.
  • Cost savings with a centralized location to post RFPs that has high visibility.
  • Higher quality proposals by prequalifying Consultants.

A Request for Assistance Form is linked below. For detailed instructions on the form and the information it’s trying to gather, see the associated Request for Assistance Form Instructions.



The Consultant Services Program prequalifies Consultants to submit proposals for – and complete work on – long-range planning projects initiated by communities in Central Ohio. Benefits of the Consultant Services Program for Consultants include:

  • The creation of a centralized repository for RFPs.
  • Standardized formatting of RFPs.
  • Simplified Proposal Submissions.

The Application Window for 2024 is currently closed. The Application for Prequalification in 2025 will open on Monday, January 6th, 2025.

If you have a question that can’t be located through the document below, please contact for assistance.



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