Intel Planning – Mobility
Date November 17, 2022
Time 1:00pm-3:00pm
Location Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

111 Liberty Street Suite 100 Columbus, OH 43215

Intel Planning - Mobility

    With Ohio’s largest private investment in a company that has the potential to augment national opportunity, MORPC is pleased to continue the planning series designed to prepare the region for the anticipated job growth.

    The panel will include state and local transit and mobility experts as well as expertise in travel behavior from The Ohio State University. MORPC will moderate a panel discussion on the status of transit and mobility in the region today and mobility concepts to serve a growing region, specifically in the Silicon Heartland area with comprehensive solutions for all people.

    This meeting is in-person only. Guests can park for free in the adjacent spaces next to MORPC with an “M.”

    For more information, contact Eileen Leuby, MORPC, Member Services Officer, at or call 614-381-0111.

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