MORPC Pelotonia Ride Weekend

Join our MORPC Pelotonia team as we partner with Rev1 Ventures!

  • Ride Weekend takes place August 5-7!
  • Register at
    • When registering, there will be an option to request a peloton.  Search for “Team Columbus,” add to the registration.
    • Rider registration is $125 through June 1.  It will increase to $150 at that time.
    • If your organization would like to cover your rider registration, please contact Kathleen Green at 614-484-5020. Next, use the discount code “TEAMCBUS.”  This can be found on the same page as when requesting a peloton.  
      • In the fall, Rev1 will pay the total registration amount and will invoice you at that time.  This is optional and totally your choice.
  • Ways to participate:
    • Riders
      • Routes range from 20 miles up to 200 miles with two-day overnights at Gambier/Kenyon College returning! Fundraising commitments vary based on the route distance selected.
      • Create your own activity goals to raise money. Challengers commit to raising $100, but the sky’s the limit and feel free to fundraise beyond that amount. There is no age limit to participate!
      • Challengers will not have a registration fee.
    • Volunteers
      • Ride weekend wouldn’t be possible without Volunteers. Registration will open for Volunteers, along with the entire community on March 1.  Riding one day and want to volunteer on the second day?  Yes, you can!!!
      • Jerseys:
        • New jerseys are being designed for our team!

For questions, please contact:

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