More Than $27 Million Awarded to Franklin County Communities

    January 26, 2021
    13 projects receive Ohio Public Works Commission funding

    A total of $27.4 million in funding is being recommended for 13 projects in Franklin County by the District 3 Public Works Integrating Committee. The communities requested funding through the State Capital Improvement Program and the Local Transportation Improvement Program.

    The programs are administered by the Ohio Public Works Commission and provide financial assistance to local communities for the improvement of their basic infrastructure systems.

    “The Ohio Public Works Commission continues to be an important component in financing road, bridge, sanitary sewer and sidewalk construction throughout Franklin County. With this year’s awards, many important infrastructure improvements for a variety of local agencies will receive grants and loans necessary to construct these projects.”
    Franklin County Engineer Cornell R. Robertson, Chair of the District 3 Public Works Integrating Committee

    Eligible projects include improvements to roads, bridges, culverts, water supply systems, wastewater systems, storm water collection systems and solid waste disposal facilities. County, city, village, township and other infrastructure districts located in Franklin County were eligible to apply.

    The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission provides administrative support for OPWC District 3, including processing and reviewing grant and loan requests from local governments. After evaluating and scoring the funding applications, final funding approval is provided by OPWC.

    “This year, we received 20 applications to maintain and improve roads, bridges, water lines and sanitary sewers. The projects receiving funding assistance will address a variety of local infrastructure needs in our communities.”
    MORPC Infrastructure Development Manager Nathaniel Vogt

    Projects were recommended for funding as shown in the table below:

    Bexley Stanbery Avenue & Chelsea Avenue Comprehensive Improvements $5,178,342 $4,914,246 SCIP
    Columbus ADA Curb Ramps – Citywide Curb Ramps $2,399,198 $1,214,645 SCIP
    Columbus Hocking Street and Hanover Street – Signal Installation $1,480,287 $1,000,000 SCIP
    Columbus SR161 – I-71 to Cleveland Avenue Phase I – Arterial Street Rehabilitation $11,581,645 $5,012,845 SCIP
    Franklin Co. Engineer Morse Road at Babbitt Road Roundabout $3,656,868 $1,257,750 LTIP
    Franklin Co. Engineer SR 317 at Lockbourne Road Improvements $2,545,452 $92,613 LTIP
    Franklin Co. Engineer Winchester Pike 0.87 over Georges Creek Bridge Replacement $1,478,978 $216,478 SCIP
    Franklin Co. Sanitary Eng. Ferris Road Sanitary Sewer Collections System $1,998,495 $1,097,173 SCIP
    Franklin Co. Sanitary Eng. N Hague Avenue Sanitary Sewer Collections System $4,078,800 $2,239,260 SCIP
    Grove City Demorest Road Improvements Phase 1 $5,802,056 $3,663,952 LTIP
    Reynoldsburg East Main Street Improvements – Phase 2 $2,904,579 $1,999,999 SCIP
    Whitehall Broad Street and Hamilton Road Intersection Improvement $10,923,278 $1,417,303 LTIP
    Whitehall Woodcliff Drive Realignment $4,244,963 $3,179,477 SCIP
    TOTAL $58,272,941 $27,305,741


    For project specifics, reporters are encouraged to contact the agencies that applied.

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