MORPC Board Approves 2021-2022 Public Policy Agenda

As the Ohio General Assembly and Congress begin their 2019-2020 legislative sessions, as well as the start of President Biden’s administration, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission is already prepared to advocate for the agency’s public policy priorities for the next two years.

The 2021-2022 Public Policy Agenda was adopted by the MORPC board at the commission’s December meeting.

“The policy agenda reflects the diverse needs and interests of the region’s cities, townships, counties, villages, and regional organizations. It is our compass as we assertively advocate issues and policies we have at the state and federal levels of government.”

The agenda was developed by a working group composed of an assortment of professionals from local government, the transportation sector, non-profits, and others. It included members of MORPC’s Regional Policy Roundtable and was chaired by Lancaster Mayor David Scheffler, who serves as vice chair of the roundtable.

“We had a very busy few months, and it was no easy task having these critical conversations virtually, yet we persevered. Members of the working group played a vital role in producing a forward-thinking public policy agenda. Their leadership and partnership in this collaborative agenda will continue to make our region better.”

There are five goals included in the policy agenda, on which MORPC can focus its efforts and work to improve the region’s quality of life:

  • Regionalism – Promote regionalism at the local, state, and federal levels of government fostering economic growth, equity, efficient use of resources, and a shared prosperity for all Central Ohio residents.
  • Transportation – Achieve an advanced, inclusive, safe, and exceptional transportation system that connects Central Ohio’s people and products to the world.
  • Sustainability – Pursue sustainability solutions that protect and conserve our natural resources and promote a diverse supply of clean, affordable, and reliable sources of energy for our growing region.
  • Data and Digital Infrastructure – Promote effective data policies and the equitable deployment of digital infrastructure that benefit Central Ohio communities.
  • Racial and Social Justice – Raise awareness of racial and social justice issues and work to continually improve communities within our growing region.

The Racial and Social Justice goal is new to the agenda this year – highlighting the agency’s renewed emphasis on addressing racism and the disparities that exist in the region.

“Local governments will have a large role to play in the years to come in how we address the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic recovery, and how communities can work together to combat racism and make our region more equitable. This new goal will assist MORPC in working to make our communities a better place for all of our residents.”

The agenda also highlights areas on which MORPC can collaborate with like-minded organizations on economic development, sustainable growth, and federal funding.

The agenda will be used as MORPC staff and board officers meet with state and federal legislators. MORPC’s Public Policy Agenda will soon be ale to be viewed in its entirety here.

More information and resources related to MORPC’s government affairs work can be viewed at

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