Regional Housing Remains a Focus with Upcoming Speaker Series

Since the Regional Housing Strategy was unveiled last September, community leaders continue to show interest in the strategy’s takeaways and how they can better address the increasing number of Central Ohio residents struggling to find and afford housing in neighborhoods of their choice.

Now, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission is launching the Regional Housing Strategy Speaker Series throughout 2021 to arrange for thoughtful leaders from across the country to shine a light on the challenges facing our communities, with a focus on innovative solutions.

The Regional Housing Strategy uncovered five core regional housing issues that included: increased competition for homes; barriers limiting access to homes; a limited supply of homes priced for low-income households; demand for more homes that serve a wider range of ages, abilities, and household sizes; and housing instability among Central Ohioans.

The report culminated in an agile “implementer’s toolkit” of strategies designed to flex as the region grows and changes over time – along with a housing investment allocation portfolio, non-financial/regulatory strategies, and a template for local housing action agendas. All of these are available in an online resource hub and dashboard at

The speaker series will include the following sessions, which will all take place 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.:

  • Session I. There’s Nothing Cookie-Cutter About These Homes | Feb. 19, 2021
  • Session II. In the Zone: Local Regulations for 21st-Century Communities | April 30, 2021
  • Session III. A ZIP Code Shouldn’t Determine Outcomes, But It Does | June 2021 (Specific day TBD)
  • Session IV. A Return to the 15-Minute City | August 2021 (Specific day TBD)
  • Session V. Money May Not Solve Everything but it Certainly Helps | Oct. 2021 (Specific day TBD)
  • Session VI. So (Now) What? Let’s Roll Up Our Sleeves and Get Moving! | Dec. 2021 (Specific day TBD)

Register today – before Session I. This first session will cover how the market is responding to the housing shortage and concerns about affordability with unique ideas designed to scale quickly. Learn about different development companies and how their innovative models are challenging the status quo of housing design, even as they expand options for supply and affordability.

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