Local Government Energy Partnership

Where Energy Needs are Elevated to Action

The Local Government Energy Partnership is a collaborative initiative providing MORPC members with technical services, best practices, support for policy development, and financing opportunities. With a focus on improving government operations and fleets, the LGEP grows our members’ ability to define and undertake energy activities. Whether you are a seasoned sustainability expert or just beginning to look at energy consumption and its impacts, the LGEP is a network of support for members throughout the region.


  • MORPC’s Regional Energy Portfolio
  • Energy Forum
  • Policy Assistance
  • Tool Development
  • Technical Services and Financial Resources
  • Trainings

What Our Members Should Expect

Benchmark with Portfolio Manager from ENERGY STAR®. As an ENERGY STAR partner, MORPC offers our members support for utilizing benchmarking services through Portfolio Manager. This platform allows participants to collect, analyze, and visualize energy consumption data to identify energy saving opportunities across all publicly owned buildings.

Partner-driven Opportunities. The Energy Forum revolves around you and your needs. During the meetings, we will look to you to identify issues you are facing and activities you are looking to undertake. From there, we will develop tools and policy assistance, as well as deliver trainings to enhance your capacity to succeed with energy initiatives.

Access to Technical and Financial Resources. Technical support available through the LGEP is designed to assist Partners with their energy planning and analysis needs in order to make their operations as efficient and healthy as possible. 


MORPC is pursuing a regional organization designation with SolSmart (read our commitment letter here). As a Partner in the LGEP, members receive support to pursue their own SolSmart designation and encourage solar development in their communities.

Prior to engaging with the LGEP, members should meet with MORPC’s energy planning staff to review the Energy Planning Roadmap, establish their internal energy team, and begin developing a general sense of energy priorities.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The partnership is a sponsored program. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact MORPC’s energy planning staff.

For more information, contact Jon-Paul d’Aversa at jpdaversa@morpc.org or 614.233.4137.

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