Regional Mobility Plan

MORPC worked with nine Central Ohio counties to develop a transit coordinated plan for the ODOT Human Service Transportation Coordination Region 6 – the Regional Mobility Plan.

The Regional Mobility Plan identifies local and regional transportation needs of people with disabilities, older adults, and those with lower incomes. MORPC continues to work with partners towards the plan’s identified goals and strategies intended to meeting mobility needs and prioritizing transportation services and projects for funding and implementation. A secondary document will be released in early 2023 with benchmark reporting and transit coordination updates.

Goals for the Regional Mobility Plan:

  • Identify community resources for transportation and mobility
  • Understand the gaps and unmet needs within those resources
  • Determine the approach to addressing those gaps and needs

The Regional Mobility Plan applies to the area within the blue boundary.

View the Plan

The Regional Mobility Plan can be viewed here.


The Regional Mobility Plan is updated every year; part of that update is a survey of all current and potential transportation users in Region 6’s nine counties. To participate in 2023’s yearly survey and enter for a chance for a $25 Visa gift card go here: 2023 RMP Survey.

Public Meetings

Four virtual public meetings were held on the Regional Mobility Plan shortly after the kick-off of the planning process. Anyone within the MORPC’s 15-county area of interest is encouraged to watch the video of one of the meetings below.


Before being finalized, the Regional Mobility Plan included additional opportunities for members of the public to offer feedback on the plan. Members of the public were encouraged to attend an online presentation of the draft plan, in coordination with the plan’s public comment period through Dec. 19, 2021, that included a question and comment opportunity. These meetings took place on Dec. 8 and 9, 2021. A recording of the second presentation is below.

The Regional Mobility Plan was updated May, 2022.

For more information, contact John Gardocki at

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